Rebecca Moron – Caregiver Profile

Rebecca Moron is the proud of mom of 2 active boys and one of the amazing caregivers at Forever Faithful Home Care. Rebecca enjoys baking, working in the yard, and reading when she isn’t working or parenting her two sons. Rebecca enjoys spending time with her boys, her husband and her parents and in-laws when she gets the opportunity.

Rebecca is a die hard Texas Tech fan and loves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rebecca grew up in Sudan and has lived in Lubbock for 12 years. She has been working as a caregiver for 2 years now and she really enjoys learning about her patients at Forever Faithful. Gardening tip and lawn tricks are being passed on to a new generation from Rebecca’s patients thanks to the things they have taught her while she provides excellent care for them here. Rebecca enjoys the stories her patients are willing to share with her and she loves that their knowledge is getting passed on. Rebecca wanted to make a start in the healthcare field and would like to be a nurse.

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