Diana Lopez – Caregiver Profile

We are so proud to have Diana working as a caregiver for Forever Faithful Home Care. Diana has been working with us for almost 3 years. Diana likes doing yard work, cross stitching, and reading. Diana actually picked up cross stitching fairly recently when one of her patients helped her to pick it up. Diana enjoys spending time with her family when she has down time.

Diana has two adorable dogs that keep her laughing. Mya and Little Bit would be hard pressed to find a better dog mom. Diana has shared that her dog, Little Bit, is well known in her neighborhood as a juvenile delinquent and has been caught stealing toys from other neighborhood dogs.

Diana is a BIG fan of all things Texas Tech, football and basketball especially. She has lived in Lubbock for 31 years and grew up in Nebraska and O’Donnell. Diana worked as a caregiver before she started with Forever Faithful and as a letter carrier for the USPS for 27 years. Diana’s favorite part of working as a caregiver is the people she serves; she says she has had the opportunity to meet a lot of good people.

Diana works as a caregiver because she has a passion for it and she has always taken care of somebody. The last 10 years Diana worked for USPS, she took care of a woman. She also helped care for her mom and before that, her grandpa.

Through caring for family members and her patients at Forever Faithful Home Care, Diana considers how she wants to be treated and how she wants to be taken care of. She also says that our seniors need to have their concerns taken seriously and their age shouldn’t mean their opinions aren’t valid.

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